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Puccini: Suor Angelica
December 15, 2022 

Production Dates

December 15, 2022

7:00 pm

Performing Arts Center

Marion, Kansas

Production Personnel

Director: Lauren Carlton

Assistant Director: Kyle Chassells

Stage Manager: Cassie Warthen

Conductor: Ruth Springer

Music Director: Érico Freire Bezerra

Pianist-Coaches: Mary Nerren, Yi Xu

Costume Designer: Jen Stephenson

Set Design/Construction: J. Bradley Baker


Suor Angelica: 

Marcie Ellen Duplantis

La zia principessa:

Lauren Randolph

Suor Genovieffa:

Zoe Rose Pallas

La badessa:

Sydney Sorbet**

La suora zelatrice:

Stephania Mikužis

La maestra della novizie:

Caroline Lee

La conversa I:

Meg Tsai

La conversa II:

Julia Pace

La suora infermiera:

Kate Bishop

La cercatrice I/Dolcina:

Diana Monacelli

La cercatrice II:

Mara Lane★★  ✓


Mikeila McQueston

La novizia:

Zoë Spangler


Carah Mollerup

Salma Peña

Isabel Schmitz

Cassie Warthen

Hannah Park

Alyera Koehn

Shaliah Ensley

Sara Groening

**La suora zelatrice cover

✓La badessa cover

La zia principessa cover

★Suor Genovieffa cover

►La conversa I cover

★★La suora infermiera cover

✓✓La maestra della novizia cover

About Suor Angelica

Plot Summary:

Place: A convent

Time: 20th Century

The opera opens on a typical day in the convent. All the sisters enter the chapel and sing hymns. After the mass, the Monitor doles out the day’s punishments: She scolds two lay-sisters who arrived late to the service, and several others for various discretions. Finally, she releases everyone for recreational time in the courtyard. The sisters chat among themselves, and Sister Genovieffa discusses the beautiful time of year – today is the first of three days annually when the setting sun strikes the fountain just so as to turn its water golden. The sisters know this happens only once a year, and turn to sadness when they remember that it has been one year since the death of their friend Bianca Rosa. Sister Genovieffa suggests they pour some of the "golden" water onto her the tomb of Bianca Rosa to honor her, and the sisters’ mood improves.


The nuns talk turns to their desires. While the Monitor believes that any desire at all is wrong, Sister Genovieffa confesses that she wishes to see lambs again, as she had been a shepherdess prior to taking her vows. Sister Dolcina wishes for something good to eat. Sister Angelica claims to have no desires, but as soon as she says so, the nuns begin express their concern to each other – Sister Angelica has lied, because her true desire is to hear from her wealthy, noble family, whom she has not heard from in seven years. Rumors are that she was sent to the convent in punishment.


The nuns’ conversation is interrupted by the Infirmary Sister, who begs Sister Angelica to make an herbal remedy, her specialty. Two cercatrici arrive, bringing supplies to the convent, as well as news that a grand coach is waiting outside. Sister Angelica becomes nervous and upset, thinking rightly that someone in her family has come to visit her. The Abbess reminds Sister Angelica of her vows and announces the visitor, the Princess, Sister Angelica's aunt.


After a cold greeting, the Princess explains that Angelica's sister is to be married, and that Angelica must sign a document renouncing all claims to her inheritance. Angelica replies that she has repented for her sin, but she cannot offer up everything in sacrifice to the Virgin – she cannot forget the memory of her illegitimate son, who was taken from her seven years ago. The Princess at first refuses to speak, but finally informs Sister Angelica that her son died of fever two years ago. Sister Angelica, devastated, signs the document and collapses in tears. The Princess leaves.

Sister Angelica is seized by a heavenly vision – she believes she hears her son calling for her to meet him in paradise. She makes a poison and drinks it, but – too late – realizes  that in committing suicide, she has committed a mortal sin and has damned herself to eternal separation from her son. She begs the Virgin Mary for mercy and, as her sisters sing Ave Maria from inside the chapel, she dies.

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