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Puccini: Gianni Schicchi

December 19 & 21, 2019

Production Dates


December 19, 7 pm

Alumni Auditorium​

Friends University

Wichita, Kansas

December 21, 7 pm

Larksfield Place

Wichita, Kansas

About the 2019 Production


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Gianni Schicchi

Paul Hindemith


Carina DiGianfilippo

Kristin Newbegin


David Araujo

Maximiliano Illanes Campetella


Mackenzie Phillips

Tracelyn Gesteland


Alex Paul

Marcos Ochoa


Megan Cullen

Renee Macdonald

Betto di Signa

Charles Turley


Conor Broaders


Joseph Calzada

La ciesca

Elise A. Miller

Megan Dobbs

Maestro Spinelloccio

Jordan Roth

Ser Amantio di Nicolao

Joel Rogier


Kirsten Anderson


Panya Amphone-Suh

Production Personnel

Stage Director

Diane Machin

Assistant Stage Director

Alex Paul

Music Director

J. Bradley Baker

Plot Summary:

Place: Florence

Time: 1930s


As Buoso Donati lies dead in his bed, his relatives gather to mourn his passing, but are really more interested in

learning the contents of his will. Betto mentions a rumor he has heard that Buoso has left everything to a monastery; this disturbs the others and precipitates a frantic search for the will. The document is found by Rinuccio, who is confident that his uncle has left him plenty of money. He withholds the will momentarily and asks Zita to allow him to marry Lauretta, daughter of Gianni Schicchi, a newcomer to Florence. Zita replies that if Buoso has left them rich, he can marry whom he pleases; she and the other relatives are anxious to begin reading the will. A happy Rinuccio sends little Gherardino to fetch Schicchi and Lauretta.

As they read, the relatives' worst fears are soon realised; Buoso has indeed bequeathed his fortune to the monastery. They break out in woe and indignation and turn to Simone, the oldest present and a former mayor of Fucecchio, but he can offer no help. Rinuccio suggests that only Gianni Schicchi can advise them what to do, but this is scorned by Zita and the rest, who sneer at Schicchi's humble origins and now say that marriage to the daughter of such a peasant is out of the question. Rinuccio defends Schicchi. Upon arriving, Schicchi quickly grasps the situation, and Rinuccio begs him for help, but Schicchi is rudely told by Zita to "be off" and take his daughter with him. Rinuccio and Lauretta listen in despair as Schicchi announces that he will have nothing to do with such people. Lauretta makes a final plea to him, and he agrees to look at the will. After scrutinizing it and concluding that nothing can be done, an idea occurs to him. He sends his daughter outside so that she will be innocent of what is to follow.

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